Baby boomer nostalgia-inducing stuff from the 1950s-70s.


The Addams Family

In living color!

1976 MDA Telethon - Jerry Lewis, Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin Reunite (by MySpaceMDA)

It just doesn’t feel like Labor Day Eve without Jerry Lewis hosting the MDA telethon.

Happy big 8-0 to Debbie Reynolds today! Hope somebody got her a hammer.


The Beach Boys in Paris (France) 1964 or 66 ?

(Source: slowda)


Peggy’s reaction to “everyone leaves my parties and has sex!” is exactly my reaction to the same statement. Also Peggy was really great this episode in general. Show of hands, who else got really anxious for her when she was left holding that baby in the hallway?

“You think he’s going to…


The Monkees in drag.

how many other shows of that time featured all of the main characters in drag at least once?


I take it he’s a dog person…



Five Stairsteps - O-o-h Child

45 rpm single

For years I thought it was a woman singing this song.